Global Shared Stories not staying marked as read

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When I look at the "Global Shared Stories" there are many stories in there that won't stay marked as read. They seem to be in a time window from about Jan 8 to Dec 13 or so. They also seem to be stories which are in feeds that I subscribe to.

If I scroll through them all to mark them all as read, they will stay that way for a little while. But, if I come back later (time required unknown), they will re-appear as unread again.

These stories appear on,, and on the iOS app.

My newsblur login name is 'matthewdharm' if you want to look at my account specifically.
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Matthew Dharm

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Posted 7 years ago

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Matthew Dharm

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I don't think your fix is working. I've marked all Global Shared Stories as read 3 or 4 times since I saw your posting claiming a fix, and they still keep coming back. As far as I can tell, there has been no change in behavior.
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Same here, I'm afraid.
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Ditto. I manually marked everything back to the earliest globally-shared story I have (still from 12/11/2013), and an hour or two later, they were all back.

By the way, I mentioned earlier that when I unsubscribed from Boing Boing, the bogus shared stories from that feed disappeared. When I resubscribed, they all came back.

Why are stories from feeds I subscribe to showing up in Globally Shared, anyway? Shouldn't those automatically be filtered out?

P.S. Sam, thanks for continuing to look into this. I know that on the grand scale of things this is pretty minor...hopefully investigating this will end up in some other bug fixes or performance improvements that will make it worthwhile.
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Having this problem as well. Any items from feeds I follow personally that are shared by anyone show up in the Global Shared Stories list. If I read them in either place, they get marked as read in both places. The problem is that at the 1-month (roughly) mark, all of them return to my Global Shared Stories list as unread and while it lets me mark them as read, they come back after a few hours.