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A few items I'd like to see added to the (already great) iOS app are:

- Unread count badge for the app icon
- Clear cache button/settings option
- Ability to open items in Chrome
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Kevin Jackson

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Posted 8 years ago

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Slava Chemodanov

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- Offline mode, marking things read/unread don't require immediate server sync, stories can sync up when connection is available again.
- Going from all stories back should not have to reload all the stories.
*this is mostly useful for iPad users when out of Wi-Fi range*

- Ability to hide the side pane in portrait mode, useful on relatively limited tablet real estate (especially the mini)
(some/all could be premium only)

Another one I just thought of.
- When loading "All Stories" actually load all available stories at once and not require scrolling down, this goes with offline mode again. Could be configurable in settings how many stories at a time.
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Chap Lovejoy

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I'd like to second the request to be able to hide the side pane in portrait orientation on the iPad. I really like the app but the persistent sidebar pretty much limits it to landscape orientation.
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A night mode theme or similar with white text on a dark background.
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Tony Quan

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allow font size used in article lists to be adjusted. it's tiny for me. you can change font size in articles, why not in the article list?
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Plus one on
- Ability to hide the side pane in portrait mode
-allow font size used in article lists to be adjusted.
Down the track .
-Themes and more interface preferences - greedy i know .
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Austin Schaefer

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Make sending an article to Pocket easier. It's: Tap Gear, tap Send To, tap Pocket, tap Add to read later (and hope to God you don't accidentally hit Log Out), wait, tap Okay.

It should be: Tap Gear, tap Send To, tap Pocket.
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Matthew Blair

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Really getting to love Newsblur!

Another +1 for hiding the side pane in iPad in both portrait and landscape orientations.
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Mike Laster

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Add an "XKCD mode". That is, the ability to view alt-text for an image. I'm not sure what the mechanism would be exactly since you can't exactly hover with your finger.

I believe what Reeder did was pinch-zoom the image to full screen and then the image would have the alt-text as a caption at the bottom.
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+1 for ios sidebar collapse!
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After reaching the last article in a given folder, be able to go to the first article in the sequentially next folder, without the need to trace back to the main screen and then traverse the unread folder. And since, this is only applicable for the last article of a folder, the option could be presented only for such (few) articles.

Which is effectively, the equivalent of pressing keyboard 'n' on the last article of a folder on a desktop.
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Also, the ability to read/follow Get Satisfaction posts in NewsBlur. It is ironic that the community for the best RSS reader doesn't support RSS feeds.

I am specifically interested in the GetSatisfaction communities for NewsBlur and
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There is definitely an RSS feed for GetSatisfaction. That's actually how I track which threads I've responded to. Here's the newsblur url:
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Night Mode and a low contrast night mode like in the Alien Blue Reddit app.

Night mode!
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Plus 1 for night mode plus Buffer integration.