Put a blog/RSS stream "to sleep"?

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I have a few blogs that I've been following, but I'm a bit overwhelmed right now by other things I'm focusing on, so I've been putting these sites on the back-burner. I know that if I delete the blogs from my stream, there will be a point in the future when I need them back (no, I'm not a hoarder!). Rather than creating a list of blogs that I followed and left (that might get lost), I thought it'd be cool if you gave the option to put a blog/RSS stream "to sleep". Essentially you would be able to keep that blog/RSS in your list of blogs, but new posts would no longer populate its stream, that is, until you "wake it up".

I'm not sure if this functionality is more or less currently available with Newsblur - I think no. Not a dealbreaker, but a cool feature nonetheless. Thanks for an awesome service!
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I currently have a Dormant folder, which is similar, but this functionality would be very cool for a whole folder.
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This is a great idea, I'd really love to see it implemented.
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I use the Intelligence Trainer for this, myself... I mark such sites as Red, and then read only Yellow+Green day-to-day. If/when I get a chance, I go back to Red+Yellow+Green and catch up... which only rarely happens but it's good to know they're there so I could do this! :)

If you're using the Intelligence Trainer already for some other purpose, then maybe this won't work, but I thought I'd point this out anyway since it may be helpful to some.
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Two ways to do this currently: move to a Dormant folder and use the Intelligence Trainer to mark an entire site as red.

In fact, combining those two techniques would effectively do what you want, as long as you browse in yellow or green (just not red, so you wouldn't have to see the formant feeds).
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I actually had an idea similar to this just today and am glad I searched thru the old requests to find this.

While the idea of a 'dormant' folder is allright, it would be rather nifty to be able to go to a particular feed and say "sleep this feed for N weeks". The feed would then cease any activity until the targe date, then start working again from that point.

I'm hesitant to use a special folder or (worse yet) the ITranier for fear of forgetting about the feeds or confusing the filtering logic.
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Any more thought given to this? Having used newsblur for a couple years now, I see the intelligence trainer as being a long term solution to filtering. Using it for temporary changes seems to muddle its purpose.

Plus, I could be wrong, but it seems like if you have enough green terms in one of your feeds that you've marked the entire site as red, there will still be quite a few stories that squeak through.