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Reload feeds on focus change

I use the "focus" feature to keep up with a very small set of my feeds that are time sensitive. When there's green boxes I hit + and read them first, then hit - to go back to the rest of my items.

Except really, I have to hit "+, r" to load the focus items, because (it seems?) the filter is purely client side, and too many non-focus items are loaded for the focus ones to appear properly. Then switching back I have to hit "r, (wait) -" or otherwise I appear at a random place in my feed, and accidentally mark tons of items read.

(Back in Google Reader, I used a folder for this (everything else unsorted). There, folders displayed at the top. In newsblur I tried this, but folders display beneath unsorted feeds, i.e. usually off the bottom of my screen and I miss them. But switching to a folder/everything has the behavior I want.)
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