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What about a search similar to the Google reader one?
Being able to parse all your feed in search of a single word could be great!
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Posted 9 years ago

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Carina C. Zona

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Search all feeds is very valuable indeed. When I go searching, the question is usually "do I have feed foo...?" or "where did I see that feed item about foo...?"
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Samuel Clay, Official Rep

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No timeline, but you underestimate what a massive engineering effort it is to support search. The Google Reader engineers have publicly stated that search accounts for more work than all of the feed fetching and reading combined, as a tiny percentage of users use it. Anyway, I plan to offer search for saved stories and shared stories at some point, but feed search is unlikely to come anytime soon.
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Sylvain Poitras

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Really? I guess I need to spend my money elsewhere.
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tigren zhang

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thanks, saved storied search is enough for me
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Kilna Anthony

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You're never going to have this as a feature? I assumed it would be there, since, you know, it's such a core feature for something that aggregates digital information.
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You are always posting cool technical info about development on newsblur, I'd love to read a post about what it would take to add search
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Jamil Ben Alluch

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I disagree. I have a degree in computer engineering and computer science, I personally know exactly what it takes to perform and support search on feeds. It is not a prowess of engineering. You don't have to make it as google does to make it useful.

What do you base your asumption on the "few" amount of people that use search?

Moreover, those who paid, such as myself, for a $36 subscription in order to support your project are not getting their money's worth.

All your web application really does is beautify the whole reader thing. I thought it was cute; more importantly I thought it was useful. It turns out it's not.

Feed search is an important feature for those who use it. As is drag and drop.. also not implemented.

You are offering a paid service for something that doesn't offer anything close to what google reader offered for free. What's the incentive. TheOldReader, does the search just fine and it's free. You just made it pretty.

It seems that what seemed to be promising turns out to be more of a school project.

I deeply regret paying for a subscription, it was definitely not worth it.
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William Morrell

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@Jamil: Seeing as you have so much expertise, and know exactly what it takes to support search on feeds, I invite you to visit [], fork the repository, and implement search. Several people above have expressed interest in the feature, you could even stand up a host with your fork, and make that $36 back.
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Samuel Clay, Official Rep

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I built the front-end for search a while back. It's enabled for admin accounts (and I can search my own saved stories), but it doesn't scale and is enormously expensive. I'll get back to it soon enough.
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Samuel, Jamil is obviously a little emotional and has some misdirected anger. He's definitely not pursuing this in a productive way. Still, the basis of his argument shouldn't be made any less invalid for it. Search is a necessity, no matter how difficult it may be to implement. When there are many other free alternatives out there such as The Good Reader that have this functionality implemented, it should be a given that your premium service contains it.

Thanks for listening.
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but for today i'll be happy if you just fix text view :(
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Wow. Just.... wow. I mean, I'm here because I would love to have search as well. I mean, I'm looking right now for a posting to Oro's blog that was oh sometime in the last two and a half years, about a record of Benin funk music, by a guy whose name doesn't even appear in Google Search but once, and ....

Yeah, I can see that the need for this is completely sporadic. Hopefully as sporadic as the total dooschitation (sic) displayed above. Hopefully he won't come back to let us know how things are going for him (without an apology anyway)

P.S. If you have ANY PROBLEM getting my auto-renewal (wife lost credit card and it was replaced) contact me because your site is worth it to ME.
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Piotr Kustal

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yup if you could add search among saved stories it would be great ! :thumbsup:
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Knic Pfost

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Samuel, you've got a great product.

And I'm sure you've got some plans to implement some kind of search in the future. Maybe it will only search "saved" items. Maybe all "read" items. Maybe only titles, or maybe full text.

I don't know, but I feel confident you've got something up your sleeve, and are fully aware that many users that are going to engage with your product the most are the ones that desire a search function.

Personally, I'd rather have a limited service that works well than one that buckles under the weight of trying to be "all things to all people".

I guess I felt the need to weigh in because this story keeps popping up on the "Community Feedback" section of the Newsblur home, and I know that's only going to continue happening, and I wanted there to be something positive in here.

Just know that some of us are happy with the service we have, and are totally willing to wait for the inevitable improvements you'll be making in the long-term. I'm settled into Newsblur and can't wait to see how this service grows over time.

much love,
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Samuel Clay, Official Rep

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Knic, thanks for your feedback. I've been running NewsBlur for four years now, so I know that vocal users do not necessarily represent the majority opinion. Search is an important feature, and I plan to support search for saved and shared stories soon. That being said, I am also more than happy to offer full refunds to any users who find that NewsBlur does not meet their needs. They paid for the service as it stands today, not for future features that I may or may not plan on implementing.

While I don't particularly like it when users say they represent the silent majority (because from my experience, it isn't true), I know that they are just showing their love for NewsBlur and it's up to me to distill the message into a vote for or against a feature or change. This is a long-term game and I'm planning on hitting more and more of my priorities as I go along. It just takes some time.
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Knic Pfost

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well said sir!
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Do you mind if I ask what your tentative timeframe on releasing the saved/shared search feature might be? And if enhancing that search to all items in the future is on your list at some point in the future?
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Samuel Clay, Official Rep

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I have no plans for all items, although it's on my future priority list. Saved and shared are coming up soon. I'm working on support all this week, iOS 7 and offline for iOS next week, and possibly starting search sometime next week. But I'll warn you, this will be the fourth time I've attempted to build search. The first three times I failed. Interestingly, I still have the search UI (turned on only for admin) and it works just fine. It's just searching an empty database. So at least the front-end is built. But the backend has always been the hard part.