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Photo of Benjamin Griffith
Deadspin Feed Missing
I've been subscribed to the Deadspin feed for some time now.  In the past week it just disappeared, along with all it's focus stories.  I...
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Photo of Erv
Last version crashes on iOS
Here we go again. I download the 6.0.0 update, on top of a perfectly functional previous release, and now it does the usual stuff: crash ...
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Photo of ian
Reeder permissions
If I want to add a Newsblur syncing account to Reeder on OSX, one of the requested permissions is "Pair your NewsBlur account with other ...
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Photo of Christy
HTML messed up in Newsletters folder
I'm testing the newsletters feature (username angelchrys) and it worked great at first, but now all the newsletters are just HTML coding ...
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Photo of wzol
Flat & Clean GUI style
I'm new to NewsBlur, and really like its features but I just can't used to its design. There are good parts, but still it needs some poli...
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Photo of DemandingMoreAndLess
Going through 3000 items, every single one creates toast notification which messes up my focus. app version: 4.9.0b1 android versio...
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