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Photo of CodingGorilla
Favicon Indicator
Create a favicon counter, or indicator, that indicates when new feed items (or counts how many) are available. I used to have an exten...
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Photo of mg47M
Feed update frequency
How frequently does the river element showing feeds update on Premium? Is there any way to get it to update every minute (or at least eve...
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Photo of desanyD
See all items on a per-folder basis
Goal: See all list of items from all feeds in a given folder whether they are read or not. Yes, this is what I used to do in Google reade...
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Photo of Sathya
Add to share list
Would it be possible to add under services to which an article can be shared? Having as the endpoint allows for sharin...
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Photo of bret
I'm absolutely hooked. Excellent interface. Clean, minimal, and just the right amount of features. Keep it simple and elegant and I'll be...
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