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Photo of karit
Two Factor Authentication
Are there any plans for Two Factor Authentication? Preferably based on something compatible with the Google Authenticator App? https://en...
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Photo of Alan Clark
old news
Old news story reported as new. This story from 1999 appeared on my subscription to The Guardian's Science section. This has happened bef...
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Photo of grc intelligence
General Inquiry
1. Site Statistics     How to interpret the information log captured for Feed Fetch and Feed Push for a specific Page Site? 2. Loading B...
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Photo of Rodrigo Vivanco
Iphone all stories update
Slice to update in “all stories” screen Hello Will be nice to have an option to update the feed from the “all stories” screen. Someth...
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Photo of BilliamJ
Feeds not updating
I've noticed since this morning that most of my feeds are not updating. The last feed was time stamped 3 hours ago and I have a lot of ne...
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