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Not receiving SMS in Belgium (Proximus network)

Hi -

I've been trying to send test SMS messages to myself through the API (using, and although I can see in the dashboard that the messages have been sent (and billed), they do not arrive on my phone.

I've tried the following:
- "To" formats: +32474....., 0032474....., 32474.....
- "From": alphanumeric and phone number in the above formats.

Still, no SMS'es received. Could it be because of strict SMS filtering on the network, or am I doing something wrong?

The code:

r = "json"
u = "xxxxxxxxxxx"
p = "xxxxxxxxxxx"

msg = {'reqtype': r, 'password': p, 'from': '32474xxxxxx, 'to': '32474xxxxxx', 'username': u}
msg.update({'text': "Hello, you."})

sms1 = NexmoMessage(msg)
print("SMS details: %s") % sms1.get_details()
print sms1.send_request()
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