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SMS to Iran operators' subscribers

There are 3 operators in Iran.
1. Hamrahe Avval
2. Irancell (MTN)
3. Talia

I'm trying to send SMS to "Hamrahe Avval", but the message doesn't deliver.
However, When I send a message to MTN Irancell, it successfully delivers.
I want to know where is the problem.
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  • Hi there,

    I have been checking the messages sent from your account today and have found the following:

    "NET=43211","OA=989177320394","MSG=id:0006860717 stat:DELIVRD err:000
    "NET=43211","OA=989177320394","MSG=id:0006863493 stat:DELIVRD err:000
    "NET=43211","OA=989171333616","MSG=id:0006864902 stat:DELIVRD err:000
    "NET=43211","OA=989171333616","MSG=id:0006864920 stat:DELIVRD err:000
    "NET=43211","OA=989171333616","MSG=id:0006865175 stat:DELIVRD err:000
    "NET=43235","OA=989385421664","MSG=id:0051819914 stat:DELIVRD err:000

    As you can see above all messages have been notified as 'delivered' by the operator.
    On the other hand, it is known that Operators in Iran are filtering in SenderID, and although the filtering rules for Iranian operators are not confirmed, I would strongly suggest to use a numeric sender with international number format (i.e.: 34633000777).
    It is also likely that filtered messages are returning fake delivery notifications, hence the delivered final statuses received although messages did not reach the handset.

    Could you please test again and let us know if you still finding issues?
    Alternatively, would it be possible for me to test from my side to the numbers above?

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards,

    Nexmo, The Wholesale SMS API
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