3 new feature requests

love the program, buts its missing two features that keep me from using it regularly and 1 feature that would be a great addition.

1) An option in settings to download ALL data when you load the program. To add greater functionality, you could have the option say something like this: "only download all on startup if it wasn't downloaded within X hours" and give a 0 option to make it always download.

2) When you click the mark all as read button on the bottom right when viewing feed contents, it should also exit the feed and go back to the main screen. If you are going to press that button, then you more than likely are done with the feed anyway. You can choose to leave the mark all as read option at the bottom of the list the same as it is now to give the user an option to not exit automatically.

Nice Feature:
1) Filtering, either at the single feed level or all feed level. If you implement at the all feed level, you could not that the filter is applied somewhere on all of the screens with a little icon. When filtered, all options (like mark as read ,etc) would only apply to the filtered items.

If these features (or something like them) are already in your dev path, could you let us know?

Thanks for the great app and look forward to continued support!

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