Space taken by app - Lost files????

I just deleted mobile rss after my iPad was running down to almost no space, which is when I found that this app is suffering from a problem similar to flipboard. Users may not know this is evening happening but if people try uninstalling they may find it is.

I also want to mention, this is a problem flipboard is suffering from, and I believe this is a lost files or ongoing growth of cache files, not sure on that.

What I did:
-check available space in settings - general - about
-delete mobile rss from iPad screen
-watch as a 15+ minutes passed by and my iPad went semi-unresponsive
-checked available space settings which went from 150 mb free to 2.3 GB free, and it is still going

I believe this is something apple should be made aware of, as I said in the flipboard thread, if there's no way for users to manage lost files, if it's the device's fault they should put some logic in to address it

Not meaning to link to a competing app, but here is a similar topic for flipboard.

I am guessing if MobileRSS users try removing the problem will become evident. Of course some caching should take place but not to the tune of 2 gigs I'd say.
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