Too bad: not really all available discounts apply with automatic refill...

I liked the idea of an automatic refill with $40 increments. The site promised to apply all available discounts. However, when I enabled the automatic refill, the available coupon RM-289990582 for 10% off was not applied. Turns out that kind of discount you can just get manually. Lesson learnt, $4 lost. Disabled automatic recharge, and going back to manual with coupons again. Thanks!
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  • Bogdan (Official Rep) March 21, 2012 20:04
    Hello Lothar,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. The promotional code you have is provided through a website specialized in providing coupons and discounts. This type of discount code is not included in our 'general promotions'.

    The discounts that would apply to your automatic recharges are the ones we issue for major holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Valentines's Day, etc.

    All other codes aimed at specific countries or from discount websites (such as the one you have) are not automatically applied.

    You can try this, though: enable usage of Nobel Points with your automatic recharges. You receive points for every order. Once you reach a minimum of 50 points, you can have them applied as a discount of $5 on your automatic order.
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