Petition to Nokia: Reconsider MeeGo as strategic platform

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Please reconsider MeeGo as strategic platform for Nokia instead of only focussing on Windows Phone as primary operating system for smartphones. MeeGo has enormous strategic value for Nokia's future!

Increase your commitment to MeeGo and explicitly communicate this commitment to users and developers. Don't plan strategic lay-offs in the MeeGo team.

As there are many reasons to do so, please refer to the user comments below.
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Posted 6 years ago

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I think MeeGo is far better as it can serve the market for low-price smartphones as well as high-end devices. Windows phone 7 can neither of both. It is also technically behind as it doens not even support multitasking or copy and paste.

People ridicule the new CEO as a technological puppet regime from Microsoft. This isn't very far-fetched because this cooperation is extremely disadvantageous for Nokia and extremely advantageous for MS.
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Switching to WP7 has and will make many of Nokia's current customers re-evaluate their opinion on the company. In the worst case scenario, many will switch their brand of choice, including I. This was also an extremely effective way to turn many Nokia "fanboys" into haters.
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Yes! MeeGo should be considered as a guy has demoed the running of Android apps on it. But, this surfaced barely a month before the keynote.
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We dont need yet another brand running closed down systemes, with almost no options for the users.

MeeGo is the future, I'm hoping for Intel to release a MeeGo phone soon. ..No more Nokia for me
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I'm also getting my next phone from Intel with MeeGo.
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Nokia was practically bought by Microsoft for 0€.
Shutting down MeeGo means no further non-Microsoft products from Nokia in the future.
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Yes. very true.
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Symbian had a few issues that could easily be resolved to bridge the gap until MeeGo is 100% ready, especially now that Qt is on Symbian.

The best thing about Nokia lately was Qt - it's the best development environment on any platform, and you could be reasonably sure that applications written on it could target all interesting devices (desktops, MeeGo, Symbian, through unofficial ports Android, WebOS, ...)

Picking the one OS that can't run Qt as its strategic platform destroys Nokia's credibility as well as any hope for a consistent development environment for Nokia phones. If they needed a short-term solution to bridge the gap until MeeGo is finished, they should have either fixed Symbian, or gone for something else that can run Qt - then the "code once, run on all our devices" concept would still be there.

The decision to pick the one and only OS that can't run Qt shows either gross negligence, or even malevolence (Elop is one of the largest individual Microsoft shareholders - random coincidence?).

Nokia should consider firing the trojan horse (and suing him for damages) and reverting his decision.
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Read between the lines coming out of Nokia marketing/Public relations. They are planning to build their closed ecosystem on the backs of current Nokia consumers and fans.

If they had any real intention of supporting us they would have required Qt on WP. They didn't.

They can't possible support us as they're going to go through ANOTHER reduction in force. We've already had trouble getting any support, you think it will get better after that? Also they're going to bleed mindshare as any talented employees will go somewhere else, they can read the writing on the wall.

They're going to drain every last cent out of the consumers by BS promises. Don't buy into it.

Don't support the regime, support regime change. Do not buy any Nokia products until Elop is removed. Spread the word!
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ig ‘NO’ to WP7,

Waiting 2 see whether Nokia releases a Meego phone,

Now my next phone is gonna be from Intel with Meego,Intel has just backed Meego with many other big players like BMW.

Nokia shareholders should vote Mr Elop out,yeah it’s knives out for Elop
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I agree to Markus B.

Nokia's reigns now lie with Microsoft.

It happened the day Stephen became CEO of Nokia, the day Ari Jaaksi left the company and joined HP Palm. Don't know if it's coincidental or was a planned intent, but atleast MeeGo-ians should have taken it seriously.

As a "pimp" sent by Microsoft, the guy will seriously shut all the doors to innovation, to open-source community. Already he has - Qt and MeeGo dumped into an unknown "blue-screen" future.

Intel should seriously consider buying MeeGo and taking it forward from here on. Atleast, Qt and MeeGo efforts shall be channelized.
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Nokia brand always stood for quality, for that reason alone it stayed number one all these years.Bringing in a vicious, lie-telling son-of-a-bitch like Elop was the final insult. No, he does not care about Nokia or what it represents, nor does any of the shareholders, they just cannot refuse the whole bunch of money they are getting by screwing everyone else. You buy any Nokia product now and you are tied up to MS and all of their crap.

Nokia, get out of this non-deal, do not betray us all, go back to being NOKIA, re-take your projects and put a big smile on our faces. If the answer is no, well, here is one more of your ex-fans now, leaving for good.

I am truly devastated and I ́ll start the mourning process as of now, I just cannot bear the sight of such a great brand been slowly torn apart and disposed of in a greed-fueled fire while Elop is giving all of us the finger.
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himanshu sharma

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UNDOUBTEDLY conspiracy has been played by Steve balmer and stephen elop to dismantle NOKIA.





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So much time loosed.... when I see the start of meego, following mailling list, forum and so on...

intel people think closed, nokia don't have a real short term aim... A PHONE, multitouch-opengl-wifi and GO!

I'm so disguted... just a big effort for 2 so big group to add multitouch to X11 and port Qt + an Qt module for mobile specific and GO!!!

making a laucher+contact manager + web navigator and GO!!!!!

have you see what samsung is doing with so much less, have you see what rasterman team can do on these device, with a simple linux!!

meego start so good with "" behind. Everyone concerned by the future of mobile and linux were so glad to see this project start

I hope that intel and nokia peoples working on meego will find with this bad news that they must hurry and stop discuss for stupid details. MAKE A PHONE ROM WITH THE MINIMUM WITCH WORKS GOOD. A good tutorial to developp Qt apps in a OVI or any market compatible and GO!!!!!
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Amazingly, the OS world first lost MySQL/Sun and now Qt/Nokia to commercial partners that do not have any stronger interest in continuing respective prior developments.

IMHO Nokia is selling out its European heritage. This is about good hardware and the participation of the people in the advancements. The more developer friendly you are, the more the people can actively contribute in those advancements. The more Open Source you are, the deeper the integration of the people with you may become.
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I think Nokia made bad choices, I love Symbian, open-standard file (PDF, M4a Mp3, 3GPP, ...
I'm used to the interface of Symbian, I put found easily, I find it much easier for a visually impaired person who is used to the OS:
Nokia is the top level hardware, which is why I always rode on Nokia. But now what will I do my N8?
Fuck the trash, because no future? I thought Nokia was well placed to niovaux of LCA products and company. J'esèpre not forget that you disabled the view that the habit of Symbian, I hope you integrate reading screen (Screen Reader - Nuance TALKS for example. You probably remember the elderly too.
Does the N8 Will be updated to the Windows phone 7?
Do you make Windows 7 Phone Open Source?
If this should not be the case, I would take a simple Nokia 1100 and I take a tablet (IPAD Galaxy Tab ...)
Too bad because I'm a super fan for 10 envieron (my first Nokia 3310) Currently I contriue to give feedbacks to the Nokia Care Switzerland (Mr Kadam, Mr. Gervais) to improve your products and services, but I may leave the ship if it becomes attractive months.
Sarjan Ballestraz
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The bottom line is that Elop has codemned Nokia for good. There are very few people that have achieved what he is trying to achieve at Nokia by overhauling a company completely. There are many more failures and you are bound to be 1 too. Now depending which way you look at it, you're a hero to microsoft.

So you call yourself a strategist? You believe that it is in the best interest of Nokia? Lets put it blatantly to you.

1. Firstly, you state that devs can still continue developing software for the current crop of phones in the market and that there'd be new ones? Do you think they are mad? They feel gutted especially considering the time and effort that was put into the projects with the old strategy. In my opinion that was a sure win. You wanted to change something then you should have simply created more ventures in turn around times from a concept to a product. That was the sour points of nokia and nothing else. Be that in hardware or software, that was requiring focus and it was to be a sure win for nokia.

2. You believe that the consumer is going to believe anything coming out of nokia now? I dont think so! There are millions that have lost faith in nokia and that is evident even in your investors confidence too. This is a planned hostile take over and masterlly executed for that matter. Thats it and it sticks to your consumers heads. No need even trying to convince otherwise as we can read between the lines. You state that there would be still support for those that own s^3 devices too yet there are leaks that you have been collaberating with ms for a while now and behold a concept phone too! Already?! I thought the roadmap is like 2 years but clearly it isnt. Soon a wp7 phone would be released and there would also be no support for the current owners of symbian devices too with not many devs left and any that are would just be either finishing off what they started or making the last quick buck. After that they'd jump ship to get a footing in somewhere else. Gone are your customers like me that eagerly awaited your meego device at mwc. Even if is launched you may never support it which is my worst fears and many others. Most have jumped ship and i will too if meego isnt taken on as a priority along with your ms venture.

3. Did you even consider the people that supported nokia let alone your workers? I mean at times brutallity has to happen but not like this! Did you not expect retalliation or wait, maybe you did and wanted that cos your vested interest are still with ms. I great leader would consider 2 things in any business when making huge decisions that being its people and its assets. You didnt give a damn about neither. You created turmoil, stress and uncertainty with your workers while at the same time tossing away ovi, symbian, qt and meego!! The people that made this company would break you in an instant but you knew that would happen and wanted it to!

4. The Kaizen theory states that change should come in a series of small steps with intermittent large steps towards the final goal. Those large steps are your breakthroughs. I would like to ask what happened to these simple rules that large corporates still follow up till today. Your large step was a giant leap and the rule book ripped to shreds! That is why your workers walked out!

5. Kotter states that change needs to come but to make it effective, buy in from the people is of utmost criticallity. Did you even consider this? That is why your people walked out as well! That is why your customers are walking out. Your old strategy was planned perfectly with even the customer considered. All that had to be fixed was the breakthroughs that hardly ever came!

Finally, the good that you've done but with the BUT's:

1. Bringing something refreshing to nokia, but you dropped symbian which was still #1 and making money along with the brilliant qt and your brainchild meego for just the 1 os!? What do you have to fall back on if all fails?

2. Moving opps for things concerning ovi to a decentralised point and almagamating it with wp7. Nice touch, but it was nokias and now?! Handed or should i say gifted it into the clutches of ms! How nice for ms. They scored big time, moreso than nokia. What nokia gets? An ecosystem, yipee!! But we had that with our old strategy! Nokia would save millions cos they dont have to handle or manage ovi anymore.

3. Dropping symbian and meego hence freeing up personel and saving millions in r&d. But nokia owned these and now? Ms owns nokia and dictates what happens from now on. You dont listen then tough, you have nothing to fall back on and when symbian has been completely removed from its history!

3. Getting a office set up in the US. Nice. Teaming up with ms just bought you a piece of the pie in the US. But what about the rest of the world? You sold your soul for the US and lost lots of loyal supporters everywhere else! Sorry that counterweight doesnt balance out with what you've lost!

Anyway, bring on meego and release it soon and watch. Millions would support it and please provide the backup etc because it would become your #1 os, not wp7. Its what the nokia community want. Trust me, not wp7.

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Just took a recent look at the WePad, the Tablet with Meego. It's simply awesome, not yet 100% perfect software but useable for daily work. I really have to wonder that no Meego based devices have been announced for spring as the quality of Android devices (especially tablets) was often much worse than this is now.

From a developer perspective I find the combination of not only a single toolkit for writing apps ideal. It's economical (you don't have to learn a complete new framework), the apps come much faster to market and you can concentrate on the UI (mainly adaption to the different screen sizes of different devices) and especially usability.

As an active Qt developer it's even great to know that I have a large range of platforms I can port my applications to without too much hassle about the platform details. I have such an app that I would love to bring to at least tablets (or better 7inch devices, for smaller devices several usability concepts would have to be redesigned). I can't do that as none of the major existing mobile platforms have opened themselves to Qt apps (except Symbian, but I don't know of any Symbian based tablet).
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2120 - Four hours talk time !!!
6150 - First device to use PC- Suite , I had My first personal RingTone !!!
7650 - Taking pictures and sending them via SMTP (email) services !!!
6680 - Video Calls !! and 3g Modem !!
N95 - Best Camera ever ! , UPNP !! Media Streaming !!
N8 - taking the lead of photography !!! and HD video .

As you can see ..
I'm with Nokia all the way ..
Pleas don't let me down as a loyal customer
Let me stay "at home" with Symbian as I love it very much until MeeGo is ready for me to adopt it , I can understand that Symbian is getting old .
I simply won't use Microsoft OS even if it would be on Nokia's best ever hardware
Will you let me down after all these years together ?
If so there is no reason for me to buy a Nokia cellphone .
If I wanted a Microsoft WP7 I can buy an HTC device but I didn't do that cause I'm loyal to Nokia.

Don't let me down , I'm counting on you the change you decision and correct it to the right one ....

make MeeGo as your strategic platform !! .

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Whole year I was looking forward to new Nokia's MeeGo based device. And after friday's statement I was very sad.

Nokia, please don't be dependent only on Microsoft. Give MeeGo chance.
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Oh Nokia, what have you done? You made a lot of mistakes in the past. And after you started making the right decisions for a short while, you screwed it up again — but this time: the big time. You hired a Trojan-CEO, who only (or at least mainly) acts in the interest of his former employer and not in yours, and who has put you completely and utterly at Microsoft’s mercy.

Recently, you got it right with so many things: You bought Qt, pushed it, and selected it as the foundation of the common SDK for both Symbian and MeeGo. You developed Qt in a very transparent manner in cooperation with the community. You opened up Symbian. You decided to use Symbian for your low-end and mid-end feature phones and MeeGo for your mid-end and high-end smartphones (and tablets potentially). You put MeeGo under the auspices of an independent and renowned foundation, the Linux Foundation, and you found big and important partners to cooperate with for this project: Intel, AMD, Novell, the car industry (GENIVI), ...

The MeeGo project got so many things right: In contrast to Android, MeeGo is not just a (nearly 100%) free and open source mobile operating system. Compared to Android, MeeGo is developed in a quite openly, and unlike Android, MeeGo is based on many standard well-established FOSS components from the GNU+Linux world: The Linux kernel (ok, Android's got this one, as well :), the GNU tool chain, Qt, Telepathy, uTouch, udev, Btrfs and so on. Furthermore, MeeGo follows the maxime of working closely with the upstream free software projects, which is very important for a successful and sustainable (free) software development. With these facts in mind, many people have placed great hope in MeeGo and Nokia’s involvement in MeeGo that it will help a lot to fight the fragmentation of open open source software and to create a FOSS ecosystem ranging from the desktop, to netbooks, tablets, embedded systems (e.g. in cars), and smartphones (BTW: The closest example for such a software ecosystem in the proprietary world for sure are Apple's MacOSX and iOS, which share a huge common code base). The leaked video of the MeeGo handset UX running on an emulator does look quite promising.

Regarding the thing with the »ecosystem« (now using the term in a broader sense as Stephen Elop did in his memo): It is true, for being successful with smartphones, you do not only need great hardware and great software, you need such an »ecosystem«. But Nokia would not have needed to drop MeeGo to »build, catalyse or join an ecosystem.« There would have been plenty of other better possibilities for Nokia:
  • Apps: Nokia has a common cross-platform SDK based on Qt to build Apps for Symbian and MeeGo at the same time. There are thousands of Qt experienced programmers out there. Furthermore, there is the Myriad Alien Dalvik VM, which brings all the Android Apps out of the box to MeeGo in a nicely integrated manner. Third: If Nokia and Microsoft really wanted to make a deal that both companies benefit from, they could have ported Silverlight to MeeGo (maybe using Moonlight and Mono to so) and Qt to Windows Phone 7 and build a common app store.

  • Music: There is Ovi Music. Ok, I admit it, Ovi Music isn't that successful ;) — but is Microsoft Zune? Why not make a deal with Amazon for example — or with 7digital as Canonical did?

  • eBooks: Amazon? Google?
  • Maps and navigation: Ovi maps (navigation) is quite good! And by the way: Apple does not have its own map service (and not its own search engine) for the iPhone/iPad/i* — it seems Apple does not need it to be successful.
You see, there are plenty of possibilities, all of them better than getting bought by Microsoft for 0$.

What do you think (now addressing the reader, yes, you! :)? Do you think hiring Elop and this MS-Nokia deal was some sort of hostile take-over and conspiracy by Microsoft to kill GNU+Linux on the end user market? Or do you think this Microsoft-Nokia deal is good for the customers and good for Nokia? Do you think there is a chance that Nokia sees reason and reconsiders MeeGo as a strategic platform again (there is a petition)? Do think MeeGo is dead without Nokia being committed to it? Intel says MeeGo is still alive. Do you think this dream of a cross-device GNU+Linux-based FOSS ecosystem still has a chance?

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At least the equality to MeeGo and Windows Phone...
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nokia u r shooting ur self by taking wp7 as ur main os . meego is future. be unique be nokia that we all love. Not another follower
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Microsoft go home!
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Think about this. Do you have a chance with any of the carriers outside US anymore including China Mobile, Korean Telecom, British Telecom etc.?
why would they want to go with either Android or iOS or Microsoft and leave their destiny in thier hands when they are the one who spend billions of dollars laying the netowrk? Why would they want to mortgage thier handsets and application sales to US companies?
You had a chance to giev those carriers a decent alternative. They would have found a way to make sure you have the volume to make up for the margins. You might not have had a chance in US with the smartphones but when is US bigger than reset of the world?
Please reconsider our stratergy and give Meego a chance. Try to keep Symbian, Meego, and Win 7 going and let the market place figure out what they want before making big decisions.
Ecosystems includes customers, carriers, hardware partners. It is not just applocation, OS, and smartphones.
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Please, bring back Qt to the foreground. I'm a really frustated developer. Elop just push me to learn Android's SDK and I was a true Qt's lover. :-(
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It does not make any sense does it.
The right strategy was already in place. It was just a matter of accelerating its execution.

I hope Nokia will be successful with this WP7 thing; at the end of day, it's employees' careers that are stake.
But that will be without my contribution. I would have happily bought a MeeGo product; but certainly not a WP7.
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I think very unlikely for me to go for a Nokia WM7 phone.
Most likely N8 will be my last Nokia device if Nokia do not produce high end Meego or Symbian phone anymore.
WM7 is not my cup of tea.