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I’m angry

App Crashes - Erasing Document! - Add "Save Button"!

Hey there,

this is my 3rd report now and i still really need a fix:

whenever i use Note Anytime in a lecture (90min.) there are 2 options: it works, a little laggy sometimes when i edit PDF ́s, but it works. Or it starts lagging very hard, quits the app and erases the whole written document, like i never was in that lecture...

This problem has to be fixed! And im not the only one, my buddy is using the same app on the same tablet and has the same problem.

It ́s quite easy to fix: Insert a "save button" to quicksave the document while working on it. The same function is on available on many apps for Apple and Android (like "Drawboard PDF").

Please add this to the next update!

Im using the newest Note Anytime version on my Microsoft Surface RT Tablet. I also checked found this problem on a Lenovo Yoga, so it ́s not just my tablet.

Please fix this or add a "save buttong"! Im really done with losing my whole documents every few lectures
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