How i can install the app with the same account for Windows PC


i am a user on ipad pro and i want to get the app for my windows pc.
How i can install it with the same account

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  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    To install the MetaMoJi Note app for your Windows PC, you need to get a Windows Store ID as you have the account for the Appstore.
    Then you can install the free version without charge.
    If you require the paid version on the Windows Store, you need to purchase it.
    The apps for Windows are managed by the WIndows Store.
    The store does not know if you have purchased the app in the Appstore.
    Actually the app on Windows is a different program from the one on iOS.

    Using the same MetaMoJi Cloud ID, your notes on your iPad Pro can be shared with the app on Windows.

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