How do you use the convert it to digital text feature?

How do you use the convert to digital text.(English) feature. My device is the MS Surface Pro.
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  • Toshi (Official Rep) June 07, 2014 08:14
    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us..

    You need to purchase "mazec" for converting handwriting to text.
    Please read the user manual on the app (three short horizontal bars on the top bar menu > [User Manual].
    You can read it from:

    In addition to the real time conversion, you can convert your handwriting to typed text later.

    [Inside a text unit (box)]
    Hold down on a text unit in which your handwriting is there.
    You will have a context menu including "Convert".

    [Outside text units]
    Using the Lasso tool, grab your drawing.
    You will have a context menu including "Convert to Text".
    This function is available with the PAID version (including the Premium version)

    Best regards,
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