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How to get the local state data in Windows 8

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  • Toshi (Official Rep) June 29, 2013 05:02
    If you have a problem on your Windows 8 device,
    please send us the local state data file.

    The data contains the notes you you had a trouble (for example, you cannot open).
    So we need your agreement on opening the notes.

    If there is no problem, please follow the steps 1 through 6 below.
    If you don't agree with delivering your data, please let me know.

    1. Reproduce the problem
    Please try to occur the error message which you reported to me.
    *** This is important. The latest state is stored in the data folder below.

    2. Open the Desktop mode
    Tap the Desktop tile on the top main menu screen

    3. View hidden files/folders on File Explorer (needed to display "AppData" folder)
    - Hit "Windows key + R" on the Desktop screen
    -> A dialog box will appear.
    - Type "explorer" and click "OK" (or return)
    -> The Explorer window will appear.
    - Select the "View" tab on the Explorer window
    - Put a check-mark next to the hidden option (Hidden items)

    4. Navigate to the user data area
    Using the file explorer, go to the following folder:

    For VAIO:

    For (normal) Windows:

    For Premium version:

    *Where [login-name] is your account name
    and xxxxx is a meaningless string (generated by Note Anytime)

    5. Copy the LocalState folder
    You can find the "LocalState" folder.
    Please copy the folder to somewhere and zip the folder.

    6. Please send the zip file to "".

    If the zip file is too big to be sent,
    please send LocalState\edit.1\__localId_[DOCUMENT]_[xxxxxxx.xxxxx]_xx.state
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