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I-pad pro 12.9 inch, multitasking

Dear technical support team,
I always appreciate your support and help for me.
I have one recommendation for metamoji app.
Actually, I deal with lots of stuffs on my i-pad pro, 12.9 inch model.
As you know, the most competitive feature of this i-pad is to split screen into two parts,
and use two apps simutaneously, so-called multitasking.
Regrettfully, Metamoji app seems not to apply for this feature.
I can use other competitor hand writing app, such as one-note or good note,
But metamoji app is not loaded on the split screen.
I think if i can use metamoji under the multitasking environment, then
i could do my work more efficiently than now.

Please consider my recommendation in a positive way.

Always thanks to your devotion for users of metamoji,
I'm awaiting your reply.

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