I’m sad, frustrate, confused.

Metamoji is acting up, please help!

Help me please...Metamoji doesn't work at all.

Every time I wanna open a document metamoji shows that I need to be connected to my google email, (google opened a new page, the app doesn’t open immediately and while showing the metamoji icon on the documents, it says that doesn’t recognize the documents)
(my metamoji account is not registered on google, so I don't understand why keeps doing it)

also said that doesn’t recognize my account, in other words, I can’t access to any document and the worst thing ever is that the majority of them are converted to metamoji files without doing anything!

Keep in mind, my documents are being saved automatically by metamoji, (don't know why and how happened)
when I try to open them by itself or select them through the app (by select a document) everything that was showing the metamoji icon on my surface suddendly dissapears from my documents and I can not edit, download or read a document.
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