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MetaMoJi Note for Android Version 3.0.0

MetaMoMoJi Note for Android 3.0.0 is available in the Google Play Store.

The release includes the following new features:
- Voice functions (paid version only)
- Live Presentation; enhanced Jump functions (paid version only)
- Shapes tool (paid version only)
- Smart cropping tool
- PDF export (Android OS 4.4 or later)
- Convert handwriting to typed text OUTSIDE text units with mazec3 handwriting recognition app (paid version only)
- Alignment for objects (paid version only)
- Bookmarks for web units
- Import Microsoft Office files via Google Drive (paid version only - you need to install the MetaMoJi Extension Kit)
- Send text or text file to other apps
- Gold Service [*1] (paid version only)

[*1] Gold Service is a premium add-on that allows you to make advanced use of the MetaMoJi Cloud and the app itself. It includes:
- The Shared Drive capability allows co-editing of documents
- Auto sync intervals to ensure your notes are always backed up
- Additional storage for the MetaMoJi Cloud
- Unlimited access to optional inks, premium items, papers and note styles

We haven't released the Lite version 3.0.0 yet.
I will let you know when it is ready in the store.

Thank you,
MetaMoJi Support Team