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Toshi (Official Rep) July 07, 2014 04:33

Note Anytime 3.0 for iOS

Dear our customers,

We are pleased to announce the release of Note Anytime 3.0 for iOS.
This is a major update which contains voice recording, live presentation (enhanced jump features), a Shapes tool, and a Smart Cropping tool, along with the existing note taking capabilities.

The new voice recording features (paid version only) offer an easy and quick way to capture ideas and inspiration. Voice memos can be recorded or imported audio can be added to any document.

Live presentation functions (paid version only) make it easier for you to quickly find their place in a presentation by visually assigned jump points to certain objects or groups of objects throughout a document.

The new Shapes tool (paid version only) provides you with standard shapes (circle, square, rectangle, etc.) which can be rotated and embellished with ratio resizing, gradient color inks, line thickness and other editing features.

The new Smart Cropping tool will even allow you to isolate a person or an object from an imported photo and remove the background to crop it.

In addition to the above features, Note Anytime 3.0 include other key features as follows:
- Alignment for objects (paid version only)
- Bookmarks for web units
- Customization of the Navigation Bar (paid version only)
- History tab
- Balloon help

Best regards,