Paying extra for backgrounds in the paid for version

I was going to put this in a review but thought I would write to you first. Note is pretty good (and believe me I have tried almost all of them). The thing that swung it of me is the multi-platform access and the ability to sync notes fairly easily. Because I use an iPad, Samsung Note and Windows, I need three versions and syncing ability, and I also accept that this results in three different bits of software needing to be paid for.

OneNote has this and is free and syncing is a bit slicker but I prefer other aspects of MetaMoji note and prefer to support software providers other than MS, where I can.

What I don't like is that I also have to pay extra for additional backgrounds - I want to use MM Note to jot down musical ideas. To get music paper I need to pay for it (this is the one of the few, if any, noting app where this is the case). Because I have three (paid for) versions, I will have to pay three times for the background, but even paying once is too much. There is nothing very complicated about a background of that sort (or of any other sort really) that justifies this extra charge and eg in Noteshelf, it is easy to just insert a code in the note settings for this or anyother background.

Can you do something about this, please? I would have to have to switch to something else.
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