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Synchronization issues digital cabinet

I am using Note Anytime on an iPad as well as on Windows 8, but the Digital Cabinet is not working right. It was working for a little while, but frequently has issues. For example, it just hangs during a sync and when you re-try you wind up with a duplicate of the document (timestamped) and have to figure out which one to delete and re-try.It might be triggered by something like not leaving the app on the iPad as the active / foreground app (since the sync takes a while).

I was able to work around these idiosyncrasies, but yesterday when I tried to synchronize some changes on my iPad to my Windows 8 machine, it got stuck on 30% and never moved past that point. I restarted my machine and re-tried, to no avail. I unlinked from the Digital Cabinet on the Windows 8 machine and uninstalled the app and then re-installed it, but now when I try to link up my account again, I only get the option to unlink my account, which I already did.

I am stuck! Please help!!

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