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Notehall Sunday Deadline

I was recently hired as a note taker for Notehall, and I'm loving the position! However, it seems strange to me that there is an absolute deadline for uploading documents. As I was hired in the middle of the semester, I would love it if there were an option to upload past lecture notes! I understand the concerns associated with allowing retroactive documents to be posted (the information isn't as fresh, so the quality of notes will not be as high), but many professors actually post recordings of their lectures and their powerpoint slides on sites like Blackboard, so it's like attending the class all over again.

Knowing that many of my classmates are more than interested in buying past lecture notes as extra study material (on top of the study guide) for the final exam, shouldn't it be acceptable to upload retroactive documents? I sometimes put 3 to 4 hours of work into each set of lecture notes, and it seems silly for all of that to go to waste.
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  • Hi Alex.

    You can absolutely upload your notes from earlier in the semester, or even from previous semesters - you just upload those documents in a separate area than your Note Taker portal.

    Please contact us via phone or email (or you can live chat from the website) and we can give you the details on how to complete this - just let the representative know that you are an Official Note Taker, but have notes that you'd like to upload "organically" as well.

    Notehall Support by Chegg
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