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Back cue problems with bowed records!

I have noticed that when i'm back cueing with alot of my records, one side is easier to spin from the centre than the other. After inspection I noticed that the records have a slight bow in them, which, on the bad side, causes the outside to push down when you put your finger on the centre of the record. The problem is, is that the pressure forces the platter to stop spinning as the motor on the TT250USB musn't be able to push through the force. My question is this. Is there a way round this? Is the motor just not strong enough? Do I need a better slipmat? Or are the records just too bowed to be cued on that side? It's really getting on my nerves and it's hampering my motivation and creativity. I ordered some Dr. Suzuki tablecloths to see if this might help with the resistance and help them slide better, but I haven't recieved them yet.
Any help would be very much appreciated,

Also, the platter in the TT250USB is a sort of brushed but not treated steel for the finish, so it kind of doesn't feel that smooth and makes a brushing metallic noise when you hold a record or the slipmat. Wondered if that could play a role, as i've seen audio technica and technics ones that are black and look finished and more practical.
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