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Serato DJ 1.8.1 does not always recognize my NS7II

j'ai un soucis avec ma table Numark NS7II que j'ai acheté il y'a quelques jours,même pas une semaine.sur mon macbook pro i7 10.8.5 j'ai telechargé et installé le pilote de la NS7 ii sur le site numark.com,J ai télécharge et installé serato dj 1.8.1 pour mac 10.8 sur le site de seratodj.com. le soucis c'est-que parfois serato dj ne reconnait pas ma table parfois ça reconnait même quand je lance l’analyse files avant d'allumer la table,je me suis dis peut être que c'est le problème du câble USB j'ai acheté un autre câble ça n'a pas résolu le problème,J ai change meme l ordinateur meme probleme,j ai desinstalle tout et reinstaller rien n a changer,quand ça ne reconnait pas,je commence à chipoter c'est à dire eteindre rallumer faire l'analyse files répéter les maneuvres pendant plus ou moins 30 mn parfois pendant 1 heure et d'un coup ups,ça marche,les platines s affiches sur serato dj et la table est completement allume ca marche bien,quand ça marche déjà,si j’éteins et je rallume quelques minutes oubien deux heure après,ça fonctionne,mais quand ça reste etein pendant une nuit ou une journée, je mets en marche la meme seine recommence ,je ne comprend pas ce-qui se passe merci d'avance pour votre aide.
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    I have problems with my table Numark NS7II I bought a few days ago, not even a semaine.sur my macbook pro i7 10.8.5 I downloaded and installed the driver of the NS7 ii Site numark.com, J have downloaded and installed serato dJ 1.8.1 for mac 10.8 on the site seratodj.com. the concern that is sometimes Serato DJ does not recognize my table sometimes even recognize it when I start scanning files before turning on the table, I told myself maybe this is the problem of the USB cable j ' I bought another cable that has not solved the problem, I ve even exchange the same problem computer, I have uninstalls everything and reinstall nothing has changed when it does not recognize, I begin to quibble ie extinguish relight to analyze files repeat the maneuvers for roughly 30 minutes sometimes for 1 hour and suddenly ups, it works the turntables s posters on serato dJ and the table is completely lit it works well, when it works already, if I switch off and on again a few minutes I oubien two hours after, it works, but when it remains etein overnight or a day, I'll walk in the same seine again, I do not understand what is happening, thank you for advance for your help.


    I'm sorry you're having problems with your NS7II. I'll be happy to help!

    For future reference, please feel free to post on Google Translate to translate your question or problem, then simply copy and paste your translation back here on the forum. Thanks!

    It sounds like you're going through all the correct steps so far. Make sure that you are going directly into the computer and not through a USB hub. Based on the description you've described above, it sounds like you might be hot-plugging the controller, which is not something that we recommend. For best results, you will need to connect and power on your NS7II before launching the Serato software. 

    Follow the recommended troubleshooting steps here to get up and running.

    Let me know how this works out for you!
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