Can I use the NS7 and NS7ii with the same laptop??

So I have a laptop with serato DJ 1.6.3 installed to use with my NS7ii I bought 3 months ago. The setup is flawless...I have a question though. I am sharing a gig on Sunday with a friend of mine who has a NS7 (not the NS7ii), and I will be using his hardware; he uses Serato Itch. I would like to just use my laptop with my crates in Serato DJ but am unsure about a couple things....
1. Would I have to have the NS7 driver installed on this laptop as well as the current NS7ii driver I already have installed? Would this create any conflict having both drivers installed on one laptop?
2. Does Serato DJ work well with the original NS7 compared to Serato Itch? If not could I have both Itch and Serato DJ installed on the same machine with no issues?
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