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My Serato DJ software constantly crashes due to corrupt files in my Serato DJ database

So I've been having frequent crashes during sessions, 1 recently live (fml). Serato DJ freezes and I get the non responsive message asking me if I want to wait or close the program. I ultimately end up closing Serato, and shutting off my NS7II then restarting. But before doing all of this, I notice that the track which caused it all, has the lil lightning bolt icon indicating that the track is corrupted. Now, I thought that when you analyze files, that's where you find out which tracks are corrupted. When I add new tracks, I analyze then go through the entire library to see if there are any corrupted files. In almost every case recently I do not see any, until I'm dead in the middle of a mix, then it crashes and the corrupt icon appears on which ever track. How can I fix this???
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  • Hello Jay,

    Thanks for the post. Serato software crashes are due to your computer, what's on it and the DJ software. Your hardware wouldn't crash. Its very important that prior to DJing, any new songs you added to your song database gets fully analyzed in Serato DJ to ensure smooth and functional playback. If you have a corrupt file in your Serato DJ database, this could cause these symptoms. I recommend deleting any file with a lightning bolt next to it from your Serato database. This means deleting not only from your crate but from your ALL location in Serato DJ. Fore more information on corrupt files in Serato DJ, check out the links below:

    * Re-encoding corrupt files using iTunes
    * What are corrupt files and how do I fix them?
    * Troubleshooting freezing and crashing while Analyzing Files
    * Troubleshooting crashes
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