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I’m optimistic

Expansion of Direct USB Support on key products

I think the product development division of Numark should really give serious consideration on further implementation and/or expansion on USB playback support for key products to allow them to be more versatile; as well as to alleviate laptop and software requirements.

Imagine an NV, an NS6, a 4TRAK, or NS7 series with direct USB support!
Imagine a V7 or NDX player having direct USB with Link capability for up to 4 players!

Imagine having the freedom to not needing another laptop, software, or driver issues...

If Numark is able to partially accomplish this with the Mixdeck and NDX products, then why just stop there? I'm not suggesting to scrap software capability; but why should that be our only option?

I think direct USB should be made available across the board in adding versatility in giving these great products full standalone capability.

Why wait or do otherwise?
Let's do this NOW...

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