How do you setup Serato DVS for the NS7II or NS7III?

Can anyone put up a tutorial on how to setup dvs for the numark ns7 ii. i just bought two technic 1200s and there just sitting there..... Anyone that can put up a video or explanation would be great. Also state what hardware or expansions as im new to the digital world but eager to learn.
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  • Hello Rusty,

    Thanks for the post. That's great question! Setting up DVS for your NS7II or NS7III is pretty simple. Refer to Serato's tutorial on How to activate and purchase the Serato DVS Expansion Pack. This is the first part. After you activated your DVS Expansion Pack, you may encounter some setup trouble.

    When you first start up your Serato software, you may already be on REL or ABS mode if you have DVS enabled. Simply navigate to your Vinyl Control Modes section for both decks and select INT for internal mode. If your using DVS, select either REL or ABS but for use without DVS, select INT mode.

    On your NS7II and our NS7III, channels 1 and 2 can be used for either a LINE or PHONO Input. you must move the Channels 1 and 2 switch to LINE as well above your channel faders.

    Channels 3 and 4 can only be used for a LINE Input. However, if you want to use channels 3 and 4 with a PHONO turntable, simply pick up a Phono/Line Converter from your local electronics store to convert channels 3 and 4 to PHONO.

    I hope this helps Rusty!
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