Hooking up a sub woofer to a an HS8 Monitor using an N4

I have a Numark mixer n4

here is the back of it


I just purchased ONE Yamaha Hs8


I would like to also add my current Cerwin Vega sub woofer to this


Currently I use an RCA to TRS to connect to the single HS8 (I am aware that this is mono but it's still quite loud for what i need)

I have no Amplifier in between assuming I can utilize the amp in the sub and hs8

If I used the left output for the HS8 would it be wise to then use the Right output to the Sub (coming from the newmark)? or does the monitor need to pass through the sub.

If so would I use a bare speaker wire to TRS cable?

Any advice would is helpful

Thank You,
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  • Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately your images didn't show up. Your questions is something you should refer to from your speaker manual setup or manufacturers. The N4 is simply just outputting the sound. How you want to output the music, that's up to you. However, I do recommend using the N4's XLR Balanced Output. You will get a louder signal utilizing these outputs instead of the RCA output.
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