How to reset the NS7 II Firmware? Since I get the update, i got many problems of freezing after 3 hours of set. thanx Alex

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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! First off, the NS7II doesn't crash, your software would crash. It sounds like your computer is having a hard time communicating with your hardware. A firmware update will not resolve your symptoms. 

    If you're using a laptop, I always recommend connecting your Numark DJ controller to the USB port closest to your power supply. That port will always draw the most power to your unit. Try a different USB cable. Sometimes a simple thing like a USB cable can play the middleman during these issues. Also, make sure you optimize your computer from these steps here. Exceed the minimum specifications for both the Serato DJ software and your DJ controller. 

    Please also provide me with your full system specs, the version of Serato DJ you're using, and make sure you've installed the latest drivers for your operating system. You can download these from the product page on
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