I have mixtrsck 2, how can I listen to cue wile playing another song? the mixer iis hooked up to a desktop windows 7?

cue issue!
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  • Hello Frank,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help. It's very simple to headphone cue wit your Mixtrack Pro II. First, make sure your properly setup in your DJ software. If you're using Serato DJ Intro, there is no additional setup need in the software. If you're using Virtual DJ Pro then make sure your setup as the following:

    Inputs: None
    Outputs: Headphones
    Soundcard: Numark

    Once this is verified, make sure you have powered speakers connected to rear RCA Master Out on the DJ controller. Do not attempt to use your computer speakers.

    Lastly, simply press the headphone cue button on the deck that you want to headphone cue. Turn your Cue knob all the way to the left. Adjust your headphone gain accordingly.
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