I'm having trouble with my Mixtrack Edge

Hello, I'm having trouble with my Mixtrack Edge. I just bought it and I guess it doesn't work. It lights all buttons when I plug it, but after that, only cue mix and shift stays lighted. I've tried VDJ LE (configuration ok) that came with the controller, VDJ 8 (on controllers page says "mixtrack edge (failed to connect)") and now Serato Dj Intro (shows the message hardware disconnected). I can install all softwares perfectly, but the controller stays the same. I've also tried 3 usb cables in the 3 different ports and the scenario stays the same. It doesn't do anything and only fx, browse and pitch buttons light on when I press them, but nothing changes on the software. I don't know what to do...I'm new with this. A little help or suggestion would be very helpfull. Thanks!
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