Mapping codes for Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Hello, I've been looking for such an information but I couldn't find it anywhere. What I need is, I want to know how a software (I am using Traktor Scratch Pro 2) recognizes each control on my Mixtrack Pro 3. I mean when you go on mapping settings on Traktor, you see controls as "CH01.CC.010" and alike. I want to know these codes of the controls, of course if they are stable. If they are defined by the software then I am totally screwed.

Why do I want to know this? Because I want to make a fader effect combined of three different effects. So as I slide from one deck to another, I want my fader to control at the same time dry/wet control of this fx unit. If anybody comes up with a way, I will appreciate. Thank you very much!
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