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Midi cc codes for your controllers. Why are they keept from the public?

I have for many years had the numark mixtrack. I have been running with traktor dj studio and been a user since 2000 of the software. I do my own mappings but its not an easy task when you keep the midi cc codes a secret. Its been like this at least since mixtrack 1. Some guy found out that some of the leds could change colour... nice. But this is kept a secret. Midi in learning in software like traktor is easy peasy, but the out codes you have to guess. Thankfully somone made a cc code map for the mixtrack. Now i stumbeled upon mixtrack platinum... and the saga continues. I have been reading answers from you, they say get the midimapping from the producer of the software you use... yet in other treads you officially wide and bright says that your controllers is FREELY midi mapable???? And you avoid the question. How many years do you continue this road?? Its hoax i my eyes and misleading info on your product. Shame on you. Give the community the cc codes and make profit on the fact that the controllers you make are truely freely mappable with no restrictions. No serious instruments are build under the midi concept without a code mapping available.. how could anyone use the product fully to its potential like this?
I was about to press the buy button, when i saw the unserious answers from your product employees... too bad. I wont buy this controller before someone releases a full midimapping. And will not reccomend this to anyone before you change course. Why does we have to be forced to use certain software,? This doesnt stand in line to you telling wide, that your product can be used with any software... if no one can get the cc midi codes ?? I like traktor, i own my own versions of traktor, both pro2 &3. And will continue like this.. but very very sorry about you keeping your otherwise nice products hidden in the shades. Whats the big secret?? Are you paid from serato to Give them five steps ahead, by not giving away the vital info, for tve hardware we gladly buy bellieving that they are 'open / freely mapable... thats only half the truth..
come on.. please give the community what they request and need. Its not the propetary code of your hardwares internal cpu controller software we ask for... its the vital open midi cc data we so humble request...
In the hope for a future of more open and freely midi mappable hardware..... greetings from denmark
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