Mixtrack II meters not illuminating

Since i bought my Numark mixtrack 2 it didnt work at all. The upside leds never worked and in the virtual dj or any other programs dont recognized it. In my country i dont have a support, can anyone help me?
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  • Hi Gustavo,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Do you have another USB cable you can use with your controller? Make sure your controller is configured properly in Virtual DJ. Follow these steps below to learn how to do so. They are for Virtual DJ 8 LE, but the steps will be similar, regardless of what version of Virtual DJ you're using.

    1. Log Into your Virtual DJ account.

      Numark Mixtrack3 SetupWin 12

    2. Press OK on the Limited Edition Warning.

      Numark Mixtrack3 SetupWin 13

    3. Go to setting (config) and click on the Licenses tab.

      Numark Mixtrack3 SetupWin 14

    4. Click on the LE Mode (limited features).

      Numark Mixtrack3 SetupWin 16

    5. Restart your Virtual DJ 8 LE software.

    In what country are you located?

    Let me know how this works out for you, and if you have any further questions.
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