Mixtrack II (not pro) not being detected by VDJ 7 LE on PC? (but it does on mac?)

Hi my Mixtrack II (not pro) is not working with the Virtual DJ LE 7 it came with. I tried to download the latest version of 7 LE on the virtual DJ website as well, but still nothing. It lights up and stuff but the buttons don't do anything when I press it. It gets detected with Virtual DJ 8 (though I dont have the license for it so it only allows me to use it for 10 mins) which is so odd. I also tried to run it on my mac (I want to run it on my windows 7 pc) and it works okay..can someone help?
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  • Hello Patricia,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! First, keep mind that the Mixtrack II doesn't have a internal sound card. For that, you need to set it up properly in Virtual DJ under Audio Setup for proper use. If you're not using an external soundcard, then follow the steps below under Audio Setup.

    As for VDJ8 only working for 10 minutes, thats because you're using a version that is not a full version. You must pay for VDJ8 for the full use. The edition that you have only allows you unlimited use for 10 minutes to get you to buy the full version.
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