Mixtrack is lit up, but wont function in any program.

Recently bought a used Mixtrack, plugged it in but despite being lit up it does not function in either Traktor 2 or VDJ Pro. I checked and as far as I know there are no Logitech devices interfering
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  • Hello Jake,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help. Check under Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers to see if your Mixtrack is displayed. If not, then I suggest trying a different USB port on your computer, a different USB cable or even try a different computer to see if it connects. If all fails then you may need to repair your controller. If you need a repair, I've listed our authorized non warranty repair centers below.

    Audio Design and Service
    10764 Van Owen St.
    North Hollywood, CA 91605
    Tel: 818-754-0467

    80 Greenwood Ave
    Midland Park, NJ 07432
    Tel: 201-670-1767

    Bammel TV
    14530 Walters Road (@1960 W)
    Houston TX 77014
    Toll Free: 866-832-0287
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