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mixtrack pro not working or being recognized

Hi there, i have had a mixtrack pro for the past 2 year and it has been working fine. suddenly When I connect it to the computer it doesnt work as intended and simply just light the 2 play/pause buttons and everything else remains off. the computer doesnt detect it it just turns does two lights on
please help !! i have to play at a place and i dont have controller

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  • First thing to check for anything unusal with the USB cable any brakes, exposed wiring, any thing loose at the contact points. Did you recently have a system failure, where you had restore drivers. Try switching to another USB port. If this doesn't work look into the Device Manager in your Windows Control Panel (You are using Windows...Right). If you're using a MAC then check Spotlight/Applications/Utilities. In either case you're looking for all USB devices of which one should be the connection to your Mixtrack Pro. If after all these checks you still have problems than that just leaves drives being issue, Find the dics the came with the unit and reinstall the drivers.
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