My NS7II crashes when Wi-Fi is connected

my numark ns7 II crashes when the laptop wi-fi is connected,

returning to work only after Reboot the laptop , having to use the laptop in airplane mode , otherwise ns7 II lock !
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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I'll be happy to help!

    What do you mean when you say the NS7II crashes? Can you please provide some more-detailed information about your systems?

    Additionally, can you please provide me with your full system specs, as well as the version of Serato you're using? We don't recommend you DJ with your WiFi turned on, as this can cause for a lot of issues, including, but not limited to audio glitches and software crashing.

    Please go through this helpful guide that will walk you through how to optimize your system: Optimizing Your Computer For DJ Performance

    Some Serato DJ users on both Mac and Windows computers have experienced clicks and pops during audio playback. We have found that removing the device from MIDI Studio Window (Mac), and lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Windows & Mac) in Serato DJ improves this, and in some cases completely resolves the issue. See the steps below.

    Removing a Device from MIDI Studio (Mac Only)
    1. Open a new finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
    2. Double click Audio MIDI Setup.
    3. Select Window from the top menu and ensure that MIDI Studio is checked.

    4. With the Numark controller disconnected click the Numark USB Audio Device.
    5. Click Remove Device from the top of the MIDI Studio window.

    6. Reconnect you Numark Controller.
    Lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Both Windows & Mac)
      1. Open Serato DJ.
      2.  Click Setup from the top menu.
      3.  Click Library + Display.
      4.  Adjust the Display slider to 20 or 30. If you still experience clicks and pops after setting to 20 UPS try lowering the slider.

      5.  Close the Setup.
      Hope this helps!
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