I’m sad

My NS7II is behaving erratically

NS7III / Asus Rouge PC / Core i7 / 1TB / 16GB Ram

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect, Clubs, Weddings, Perfect....... Windows 10 Update
August 2017.... Bam.... Not working properly at all, right side won't work, I can load a track on it, that's all, won't play, nothing.

Uninstalled all drivers (including DJ software), reinstalled.... same result.

Weird fact: After the windows update my NS7II drivers worked fine after reinstalling,
yes, the NS7II was not working right either, therefore it does indeed point to the windows update, but, once i reinstalled them, it worked fine.

Could the display unit on the NS7III and the update be the issue????

Do I really need to switch to Mac and drop another 3 grand on a laptop??

Oh boy.......

Let me know, what you know! Help suggestions, similar problems after windows 10 updates???

One last thing..... you can no longer roll windows 10 back to an earlier state, This worked after windows 10 corrupted my drivers the first time!

Thanks all!
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