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My TTUSB is stopping completely

I purchased a BRAND NEW ttusb which arrived during the week. I set it up today to use firstly as a turntable player through my home system. Everything went well, until after about 15 minutes the turntable began cutting out, as in stopping completely. I also noticed that the speed selection lights had gone off. The only way to make it work was to restart (power down/up) the unit and then it would work for half a record. But not always. I checked the power in (although I knew this wasnt a prob as the red light stayed on) and I knew the belt was fine (its brand new and has tension) , it just seems like I have the faulty one. I'm a little annoyed as I picked a Numark product as a long time user (I have two karaoke mixers for my business) and have had no issues before with the brand.
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  • Hi Andy,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'll be happy to help!

    What do you mean when you say your TTUSB is "stopping completely"? Is it powering off automatically? If so, I would recommend plugging the unit into a different outlet, as there may be a faulty current within your home. If this doesn't resolve the issue, try using another power supply if you have one. If the different power supply doesn't help, please connect with your nearest Support Office. You can find their contact information on that page. You may also submit a request for technical support by logging on to www.numark.com/support and selecting Technical Support from the drop-down menu.
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