Need help with mic noise

I had my NS7II Serviced because of a problematic slider, but now it has been reassembled when ever I switch on mic1 or mic2 there is interference on the channel also if I plug in the mic it does not work, I thought I was some bad electrical ground in the house but I also moved it to a place I knew it worked. can anyone offer some assistance?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Can you please provide me with some more information about your setup? 

    Are you using a condenser or dynamic mic? 

    Have you tried using different cables with your microphone? 

    Do you experience this noise in your mains, headphones, or both?

    Have you tried using another IEC cable with your controller?

    Make sure your controller is properly grounded by going through a surge protector. If you're using lights, lamps, or other devices with your NS7II, connect these to a separate power source to ensure these aren't adding noise to your signal. Check out this link below for more information:

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