No mix through NS7II headphones

I have a NS7 II that I just bought (used). Many years ago, the NS7 was my first ever controller and I never quite got over it when I sold it. I love the updates with NS7II but I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to use the headphones.

I can hear whatever channel I have selected with the headphone buttons (when "blend" dial is not all the way to the right) but I cannot hear anything if I turn the "blend" dial all the way to the right. I cannot hear the mix. I like previewing the mix before sending it out to the main speakers.

I'm running the latest version of Serato DJ (just downloaded it yesterday). I also updated to the latest firmware and drivers for the NS7II.

Channel 1 and 3 are set to A and channel 2 and 4 are set to B. The split cue button is set to off. Is there any other setting within Serato DJ or the controller itself that needs to be made?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Can you please provide me with your full system specs, as well as the version of Serato DJ you're using? 

    Let's also make sure that you're properly adjusting your headphone cue on the NS7II. First, try a second pair of headphones just to make sure it's not your current pair. Now let's go through the steps: 

    1. Turn SPLIT CUE OFF 
    2. Adjust the BLEND to CUE 
    3. Press the HEADPHONE CUE button (which is above your channel faders) on the channel that you wish to headphone cue. 
    4. Adjust your volume accordingly. 
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