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When I use my NS7II with Serato DJ, my software continually crashes, especially when using FX

My NS7 2 continually crashes after any period of time , audio pops then controller freezes Serato continues as normal.The controller will crash straight away if any FX are used.I swapped my macbook pro and am now using an I Mac with a clean install , optimised settings etc as per all chat advise on line . Latest driver and Serato SW installed ,nothing other than the controller connected to the I Mac. The mac is a Mid 2007 so has USB 2.o ports,I have tried different ports and adjusted latency etc.The issue has to be with the controller as when a Pioneer DDJ is used on the same system it has no issues at all.I have contacted Numark support via e mail but still have not had a response.The controller is too unstable to use for gigs.I purchased the Numark over the Pioneer as it had motorised platters and moved over from vinyl DJ'ing.My opinion is the controller is not fit for purpose as it is not capable of keeping up with the programs it was designed for.There is a lot of chat on line for the exact problems I am experiencing but there appears to be no fix.Please don't ask me to adjust any settings etc as I have done everything that is suggested on line and this problem has been there since the purchase of the controller.It is now over 12 months old and I wished I had sent it back instead of trying to persevere with it. Please can you find a fix . many thanks. Simon Collings
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  • Hello Simon,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! First, the NS7II hardware doesn't crash, your software would crash on your computer. You certainly have an older Mac so that worries me for your setup. If your computer is not up to par with both the NS7II and Serato DJ software than your problem lies with your computer specs. Please give me your computer specs for your Mac.

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    Your computer must be exceeding the Serato DJ's minimum system requirements as posted here - http://serato.com/dj/downloads#min-specs. Make sure you're using the latest version of Serato DJ too. Currently its version 1.8.0.
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