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NS7 3 Right Platter Deck Issues

So I just got an NS7 3 brought in for my workplace and when I set up to play everything connected and read fine, until I pressed play on the right deck. Initially the right deck was slower than the left, even if the bpms were locked via sync the right side would start trailing behind the left. Came back to it later in the day and a new problem emerged when I pressed play...the deck started spinning backwards at a fairly high speed(faster than if I just had the deck in reverse) I tried another macbook to see if it was my drivers but the same issue occured. Tried restarting serato, flicking the reverse switch on and back off via the keyboard and the physical switch on the controller to no avail.

So I took it home, where I found it to be still doing the same thing(spinning backwards) but after a few times powering down the unit n turning it back on it started going forward again at what seemed to be a normal speed, but the right is still trailing like in the beginning and(as if that wasn't trouble enough) after a while the platter(and track) slows right down to a stop even though play is still highlighted in serato and on the controller. I just want some help at this point and I hope its something I can fix cuz its been super expensive getting it here for it not to be usable on the first day of its arrival.
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