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NS7 II Audio Drop outs on Channel 1 Volume fader.

Hey there, recently purchased an NS7 II and it works great... for about 20 minutes. At that point the audio drops out on channel 1 and acts as if the fader is loose somehow? Audio will pop in and out as I move the fader up and down, occasionally will bleed through even when the fader is all the way down. I have done all of the Serato DJ optimization on my system, latency settings are set to 20. Still happening after 20 minutes. If i restart Serato DJ its fine for 20 more minutes. Also the unit is not hot to the touch and the fan is running fine so its not a heat issue, looks to be more on the software side of things.
Any thoughts?

Macbook Pro 2011 OSX 10.10.5 16gb Ram, 2.3i5, 500gb SSD
Serato DJ 1.9.9 NS7 Driver 3.2.0 installed.
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