NS7 II crossfader deadzone calibration

I have a brand new NS7 II and i have a question about the crossfader "deadzone".
Deadzone means the area at the left/right end of the crossfader, where absolutely no sound comes out of the mixer. I don't speak about the crossfader curve, to make that clear.
On my device the left deadzone is about 1mm and on the right side it is 2mm! (1mm = 0.0393700787 inches)
I found this topic, but it's closed: http://community.numark.com/numark/to...

Is there a way to calibrate the crossfader, to adjust this deadzone to a lower value/same value on both sides? I set the crossfader curve to FAST (maximum) and LINEAR. But also changing this settings makes no difference to the deadzone itself!
I know that the crossfader is a customer replaceable unit and that there is an RMA process for it.
I'm already in contact with the numark support (in Germany), changing the crossfader is their only solution.

Is there really no option to change this deadzone via software/driver? If not, this would be really great feature! Is Numark maybe planning to implement such a feature?

Best Regards Karsten
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